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Terms & Conditions of Service


  • Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to appointment. If less than 48 hours notice, 50% of the groom will be charged. Missed appointments will incur the full groom fee and a deposit will be requried when renewing your appointment.


  • Neglected and matted coats, in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act, may well be clipped short to release the dog from its coat. The Dog's Corner will not be liable for any post-grooming effects of this procedure which is not without risk. HOWEVER, we will discuss with you your requirements and will always advise you the best and kindest treatment for your dog. Please be aware that a neglected and matted coat does require skill, time, product and wear and tear on tools and equipment than a routine groom and an extra charge will be incurred.


  • If your dog is very nervous, stressed and doesn't like the grooming procedure or if it is very elderly and is very arthritic, we will take time over the groom so as not to cause further stress and this also may incur an extra cost.


  • We reserve the right to alter the prices at any time without notice.

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