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As of May 2021 you can find updated information on the Canine and Feline Sector Group's ("CFSG") website by clicking here

27/01/2021 Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG – Part of Pet Federation)

Having seen some misleading news reports about COVID-19 and pets, CFSG would like be clear that although there have been a small number of cases reported in pets, they have been isolated and there is no current evidence that pets play a part in the transmission of COVID-19.  Cats and dogs can be infected with their own strain of coronavirus but it is distinct from the virus causing the current pandemic. The key aspect of minimising the risk of spread of any disease is basic hygiene, including washing hands before and after handling animals.



Dog Grooming

Mobile and Home Groomers may accept a dog to be groomed by appointment where this is necessary for the animal’s welfare and not simply for aesthetic reasons. Welfare reasons could include on veterinary advice for a skin condition or excessive matting causing the pet discomfort. When routine grooming can be delayed without affecting the pet’s welfare until the national lockdown is eased it should be put off.

According to the regulations, people may leave their homes if they have a reasonable reason which includes, for animal welfare reasons, to care for or exercise their pet.

Pet Handover Protocol for Dog Grooming

Robust hygiene and social distancing protocols must be adopted when handing over a pet from its owner. There remains no evidence that pets are implicated in the transmission of coronavirus to people, but there is some risk of the virus being carried by pets and their belongings. The risk of human to human transmission remains, however, and social distancing measures throughout the handover process must be adopted to help prevent the spread of the disease. The measures set out below should be considered by the business during every handover, and is used to inform the business’s risk assessment with regard to each type of individual and household. The business should ascertain the health status of each household before agreeing to care for the pet.

When receiving a pet from the owner where the status of the household is healthy;

• Agree times to book appointments and only one customer at a time.

• A two-metre distance must be adhered and hand over the pet to be in an outside secure area. If this is not possible, face masks should be worn by both parties at the point of transfer.

• Groomer will use the business’s own slip lead for pet on arrival (Please Note: separate slip leads are used for each dog and sanitised after each use). Customers are to remove pet collar/lead/harness/coat on arrival and to bring back on collection after groom.

• Pets with mats and knots will be wiped with a pet safe spray and coat will be clipped off prior to washing.

• Groomer will ensure hands are washed with soap water and sanitiser when returning pet to owner.

• All surfaces, baths and equipment will be disinfected using a high-level disinfectant (Trigene – approved by DEFRA) after each pet has been groomed and prior to the next appointment.

When receiving a pet from someone who is shielding or vulnerable;

• If taking animals from a household that includes vulnerable or shielding people, they will not be mixed with other animals.

• Pets from the most vulnerable household will be priority and will be dealt with first.

• Groomer must avoid any contact with occupants of the home, maintain two metres distance at all times and will avoid entering the home. Masks to be worn at all times.

If you would like further information please contact Lizzie on 07760 891241

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