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HUNTER Leash Freestyle

If you are looking for a leash which is comfortable to hold, hard-wearing and low-maintenance while also being really eye-catching, then we recommend the FREESTYLE leash with a particularly robust polyamide core. The material used in the FREESTYLE leash is weatherproof and water resistant, which means: very low maintenance. Dirt can simply be wiped or washed off. The rope is highly durable but nonetheless still soft and comfortable to hold. Fitted with leather trim and reinforced stitching, this leash is ideal for strong pullers.
The secret in this leash is the material, which is externally soft and supple while the interior is designed using a strong, durable polyamide core. Not only is the FREESTYLE leash practical, it also looks great.

Hunter Freestyle Leash

  • Size Diameter: 8 mm.

    Size Length: 110 cm.


    • rope made of durable polyamide
    • leather caps
    • with hand loop
    • easy care


    Made by HUNTER of Germany.

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