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HUNTER Neopren Vario Plus Dog Collar

Thanks to its soft neoprene padding, the NEOPREN VARIO PLUS collar is particularly kind on your dog's neck. The buckle allows the collar to be fitted and removed quickly and easily. The collar can be fitted and removed in the blink of an eye without having to fiddle with the buckle. The set size is completely unaffected as, contrary to conventional collars, the size of this collar is not set using the buckle. In this case a sliding adjuster means that the collars stays just as you have set it every time you fasten or unfasten the buckle. The durable nylon material of the collar is washable and so very low maintenance. For greater comfort, the collar is lined with soft padding made of equally easy to clean neoprene.
Country of origin: Germany
Genuine Hunter Product


3028 – 30 cm1,5 cm
3530 – 35 cm1,5 cm

Hunter Neopren Vario Plus Dog Collar

SKU: 671253175371
  • Made by HUNTER of Germany.

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