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Elizabeth Shorter at The Dog's Corner


THE DOG'S CORNER is all about caring and should be a happy experience. The Dog's Corner is soothing, calming and stress free and looking after your dog's well-being is my top priority. The parlour has a lovely garden so your dog can have a toilet break or even just a groom break. A full 7 point health check is included in a full groom and includes, ear and eye cleaning, nail clipping and gland expression if required.


Unlike other parlours, I do listen to the requirements of my clients and will always try to groom to the required style. I also believe in not rushing, especially if the dog is a newcomer to the parlour and perhaps stressed from a previous bad experience.


I only use organic products and all shampoos, conditioners and sprays contain no dyes, parapbens, alcohol, salt, phosphates or synthetic fragrances.


I am happy for you to pop in with your dog and say hello!

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