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Self Service Dog Wash & Go...


THE DOG'S CORNER Self Service Dog Wash is now available. It is a specifically designed self-contained facility including a HYDROBATH. This provides customers who want to wash their own dogs the opportunity to do so without the hassle and mess of doing it at home.


Hydrobathing is a way of washing your dog. It works by spraying water mixed with shampoo over the pet from a conventional showerhead. The showerhead actually gets right through the dog's coat to the skin and it is this that gives the HYDROBATH its theraputic benefits - both because it massages the dog and allows the shampoos and other solutions used to penetrate right to the skin and cure problems such as skin infections, fleas and other parasites. The massage benefits of the HYDROBATH is a waist height bathing booth specifically designed for dogs so there is no bending or kneeling required and the dogs are safely secured throughout the whole process. The water is thermostatically controlled to ensure a comfortable temperature for washing your dog. The bathing area also has a specialitst dog dryer for efficient and effective drying of dogs.

We will provide our customers with an apron and a towel. Shampoos and cologne sprays are available but you can bring your own if you prefer.



Small Dogs


Medium Dogs


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Very Large Dogs


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