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Having your first puppy is very exciting and brings many rewards. It can also be a little overwhelming especially when it comes to grooming.  Nobody told you how much maintenance is involved, the brushing, the combing, dealing with the rain, the mud and goodness knows what else.

Our Team at The Dog’s Corner are here to encourage and help you and we are offering your puppy’s first groom to include a lovely Lawrence Slicker Brush and a Prestige Stainless Steel Combi Comb all included in the price.


Full groom consists of cleaning of ears and eyes, a good body health check, ear plucking (if needed), checking of anal glands, hygiene clip, nail clip, bath with Primrose Oil Organic Shampoo, blow dry, and styling, plus to finish with Primrose Oil Conditioning Spray and a small finishing massage.


Small Breed.........£40
Medium Breed.....£50
Large Breed........£60


The Dog's Corner: 70-72 Portland Road, Hove BN3 5GL

Great friendly staff and service. Very reassuring and listen to what's right for your dog. My puppy enjoyed his first visit.


Sarah Hirchfield

'Rocky' Cockerpoo (5 stars)


Great service and advice for my new puppy. Thanks.


Jen Bayley

'Murphy' Poochon (5 stars)


Very pleased with how helpful and lovely the staff were.

Thank you so much, one happy pup.


Emma Matthews

'George' Carashon (5 stars)

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