Hunter Rivellino Dog Collar 32, Leather Stone 24-28.5 cm

Hunter Rivellino Dog Collar 32

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  • Hunter Basic Rivellino Dog Collar
    The BASIC RIVELLINO collar combines unpretentious design with a high-quality coated split leather material and a veritable visual highlight: countless small studs are inset in the collar, which makes every single one unique. The collar is made in Germany by experienced Hunter specialists. They cut the split leather to size, place every individual seam precisely and ensure that each and every stud is held securely in place. The studs, which vary in size and colour, are moreover arranged differently on every collar, which means each collar is guaranteed to be unique. The split leather used is strong and soft, ideal for a collar. Thanks to the clever coating, the collar is also easy to clean as moisture and dirt can simply be wiped off.

    Colour: Stone

    Size: 24-28.5 cm. XS

    Material: Leather

    M–L 47,0 – 54,0 cm 3,9 cm
    S–M/1 35,0 – 39,5 cm 2,6 cm
    S–M/2 38,0 – 43,5 cm 3,0 cm
    S–M/3 35,0 – 43,0 cm 3,9 cm
    XS–S 30,0 – 34,5 cm 2,6 cm
    XS 24,0 – 28,5 cm 2,6 cm
    M 41,0 – 49,0 cm 3,9 cm
    L 51,0 – 58,5 cm 3,9 cm

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