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Brian offers a professional but free service for a voluntary contribution towards his costs. Brian is based in Hove but will come to your home by invitation.
Tel: 07950151416


See his website for full details:




The Dog's Corner will be offering a new dog walking service commencing at the end of March 2017...

Price: £10 per hour​​

Tel: 01273 739018 for further information​

The Dog's Corner: 70-72 Portland Road, Hove BN3 5GL

VUKA - Dog Walking and Pet Care
Cindy Kruger
Experienced, passionate dog-walker and carer.

Free consultation
Tel: 07725496306

Emily Deacon
Looking for an alternative to kennels?
Your dog spends his holiday in the carefully selected family home of highly experienced, vetted, licensed and insured carers.
Only one family's dog(s) with carers at any given time.
For more information on home boarding contact

Tel: 01273 286165, Mobile: 07736665888




Hannah Capon MA Vt MB MRCVS
Hannah is an expert in senior pet healthcare and Canine Arthritis Management.
She has a wealth of knowledge and is a vet in her own right and practised at Southdown Vets in Hove for a number of years. She believes in helping you to take control of your dog's discomfort and slow the progression of the disease.  She combines Galen Myotherapy with other management tools such as weight control, exercise adaptation, home environment modifications and daily routine changes.

Hannah doesn't only work with older dogs, she works with dogs who have had muscular problems as well as bone breakages which can cause arthritis even in younger dogs. When dogs are in mild to moderate musculoskeletal discomfort they do not seek pain relief, rest and recover.  Instead they cope with their discomfort, adapt the way they move and attempt to continue their normal routine, often disguising the problem for many months, sometimes years.  Galen Myotherpay is a specialised hands-on treatment aided at identifying and uncovering postural adaptations, impaired mobility, muscular changes and discomfort. Its use can be beneficial in the early stages of arthritis to prepare for the inevitable progression, as well as later on when additional pain control is often needed. By reducing muscular pain Hannah helps to reduce the overall discomfort your dog may be feeling.  This encourages mobility which in turn improves joint health and comfort.



68 Middle Road, Shoreham-By-Sea, BN43 6GA
Mobile: 07929 673355

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